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    Default Nokia 5800 Tower Defense Game AMazing - Updated

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    Theres a new version of the FREE Tower Defense game "AMazing" available for the Nokia 5800 (and probably other s60v5 devices also).
    <blockquote>Here is a free touch screeen tower defence game that I've been developing for a while. It has only been tested on a Nokia 5800 XM so I don't know if it works on any other S60v5 phones. This is just a beta version, the game needs some more balancing and the graphics can be improved.</blockquote>Changelog:
    This version includes bigger towers, visual improvements and it's now easier to position the towers in the game. There is also one new level.
    Download the app from our forums s60v5 game section
    <a href="">

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    Default Re: Nokia 5800 Tower Defense Game AMazing - Updated


    This games is so addicting! +1 for the creator! i really enjoy playing this game, and replaying it over and over is still fun.

    suggestion, my brother using 5800 have no trouble using it since he has a stylus.

    but im using x6, and i find it hard to select and then locate the weapons in place.
    just a tweak like if you press the weapon, it will zoom a bit until you placed it in the proper location ^^


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