Ovi Contacts is a place where you can find your friends, see where they are and what they are up to. It's all about keeping close to people who matter.

If you have used already Nokia Chat you will find Ovi Contacts mobile application familiar. Key features: (note: supported features depend on the platform)

* Chat: Send instant messages and enrich them with smileys, voice and location messages.
* Presence: At a glance you can see if your friends are available, busy or on the phone.
* Enhanced presence: You can let your friends know what you are listening and broadcast your important scenes.

<blockquote>It should run a lot smoother than it did before. In addition, we improved the search - many people have been complaining that it’s hard to find contacts. Hopefully now, you’ll be able able to connect with your friends more easily.</blockquote>
Download the new version from here
<a href="http://www.dailymobile.net/2009/02/26/ovi-contacts-client-for-s60-3rd-fp2-improved/">

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