There is a place where trigonometric ratios are perfect and the traditional laws of physics dont apply. ?Here you will do battle where there isn’t a distinction between good and evil, and you who have to fight in the weakest side. Good luck!

Your mission won’t be easy, you must beat 10 types of different enemies. You can play alone or in cooperative mode with two or more friends with bluetooth connectivity. Probably the best space-shooter for iPhone.

There are 4 ways to play:
  • Normal Dual: Destroy the largest number of enemies with a multi-directional spaceship.
  • Normal Mono: Destroy all your enemies but this time with a unidirectional spaceship.
  • Cruces: The enemies attack vertically and horizontally.
  • Pacific: You don’t have armament. You will have to dodge your enemies and detonate explosives stay alive.

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Name: AbstractWar 2.0 | Download from: App Store | Price: 2$
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