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The GSMA Mobile World Congress (formerly 3GSM World Congress) combines the world's largest exhibition for the mobile industry with a stimulating and insightful congress that brings together prominent leaders and personalities from mobile operators and equipment vendors, as well as Internet and entertainment professionals. The 2009 Mobile World Congress is expected to attract approximately 50,000 attendees

Mobile World Congress 2009 Keynote Speakers

* Cesar Alierta, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Telefonica
* Vittorio Colao, Chief Executive, Vodafone
* Jon Fredrik Baksaas, President & Chief Executive Officer, Telenor
* Steve Ballmer, Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft Corporation
* Olli Pekka Kallasvuo, President and Chief Executive Officer, Nokia
* Ralph de la Vega, President & Chief Executive Officer, AT&T Mobility
* Dick Lynch, Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Verizon Communications Inc.
* Simon Beresford-Wylie, Chief Executive Officer, Nokia Siemens Networks
* Chris DeWolfe, Chief Executive Officer, MySpace
* Kevin Spacey, Actor and Director
* Paul Jacobs, Chief Executive Officer, Qualcomm
* Josh Silverman, Chief Executive Officer, Skype
* Chang Xiaobing, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, China Unicom

Expert Keynotes

* Tim Attinger, Head of Global Product Innovation and Development, Visa Inc.
* Marco Boerries, Executive Vice President, Connected Life, Yahoo!
* Dr. Hugh Bradlow, Chief Technology Officer, Telstra
* Boris Nemsic, Chief Executive Officer, Telekom Austria Group

Mobile Innovation Keynotes

* Andy Zimmerman, Senior Executive & Global Managing Director - Communications Industry, Accenture
* Takeshi Natsuno, Professor, KEIO University & Father of Mobile Web Services, Japan

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