Evans Data Corps. latest reports claim that the developers on BlackBerry platform have more chances of earning from the app then the *developers *working on iOS and *Android.
Evans surveyed about 400 *commercial *developers and results are that 13% of the developers working on the BlackBerry app platform earn $100,000 or more from app *which *is *considerable *more than the developers working on iOS and Android platform.
The survey also claims that the developers *working *on iOS App complained high time about the *selection *process and thee stats *reveal *that *approval process and restrictions came in 2nd and 3rd with 26.9% and 22.9% of the votes, respectively.
We informed you about *Android *being the top mobile OS in the market and survey supports the same. 30.2% of the 400 surveyed developers select the *Android *to top the development platform.