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    Default [ROM] Htc Explorer (pico) "JaggyRom" (a2sd + overclock)

    I proudly present JaggyRom for HTC explorer,

    an optimized, european, stock-based custom rom.

    1. Features
    Overclocked to 800mhz (optional) (123->800) thanks to yannou90's kernel (wifi modules added).Use apps like SetCPU to adjust min and max values and/or create profiles.
    Ext-2,3,4 partition support.
    task killer tweak for speed
    Apps2sd enabled (no need of link2sd anymore, don't use it).
    BusyBox installed
    Booting HTC Sound dissabled
    Bash shell support
    /etc/init.d scripts support
    Dalvic-cache to SD enabled
    Zipaligned to optimize Ram usage
    148mb free internal memory at startup after moving dalvic-cache (check below how to do it)
    "root explorer", "Easyinstaller" and "A2SDGUI" preinstalled

    2.Version History
    JaggyRom_1.0_clean-With nearly every stock app wiped out .

    - Added custom battery indicator
    - Data will not erase anymore when flashing rom, install to apply update.(wipe cache before through recovery, not dalvic cache)
    - Improved scroll on many apps.
    - Added ScreenFlashlight.apk, small system flashlight app with full brightness (thanks to deepaktom and cosmoon)

    - Implemented swipe to remove notifications, you can now remove individual notifications from status bar by sliding your finger over them.
    - Fixed eventual stuck on HTC white screen when booting.

    -Implemented advanced power menu (watch here)
    -Implemented Beats Audio sound mod
    -Reapplied Scroll improvement (tweak was not operative on previous version, sorry about that)
    -Dalvic heap size set to 32m by default
    -Updated Google maps, youtube, gmail and easyinstaller to latest version

    -improved image and video quality with Bravia Engine hack

    -(NEW) now based on OTA update Europe 1.28.401.1 !!
    clean up system partition before installing

    - Fixed notification not deleting from status bar when pressing 'clear' button.
    - Updated su binary to latest.
    - Disabled the automatic check for OTA updates by default.
    - Disabled the 'tell HTC' pop up after a sudden shutdown by default.
    - Added "Russian", "Czech", "Danish", "Swedish" and "Dutch" languages to stock keyboard. (full support)
    - Added support for the following languages:
    English (United States)
    Espa˝ol (Espa˝a!)
    Franšais (France)
    Italiano (Italia)
    Ukrainian (Ukraine)*
    Czech (Czech republic)*
    Vietnamese (Vietnam)*
    Arabic (Egipt)*
    Portugŕs (Portugal)*
    Corean (Corea)*
    Nederlands (Nederland)*
    Japanese (Japan)*
    Rusian (Rusia)*
    Chinese (Simplified)*
    Chinese (Tradicional)*
    *System will not show up on these languages but every app that supports that language (for example all Google apps) will change.
    The default system language for these will be English.
    If you are using a custom launcher (Go launcher, for example) you will probably have all your system on your selected language except the settings menu.

    For the new languages and the default settings to show up you will have to format system/cache and make a factory reset, I am afraid. (make app backup)

    - Rebuilded boot.img back from stock to ensure no errors being made. It may solve some booting problems on some people.
    - Now dalvic cache is moved automatically at first boot. No need to do it manually. (150 mb free memory at first boot after factory resset)
    - Init.d scripts support. They were not supported on previous v2 versions.
    - Removed debugging mode persistent notification on status bar.
    -Recompiled SystemUI.apk, now suitable with UOTkitchen.

    ('600' version include stock kernel without overclock)

    Previous versions

    3. Instructions, please read carefully
    (not needed from version 2.3.1) To move your Dalvic cache open "A2SDGUI" app and press "move" in the dalvic tab. Free up +60mb!
    use "Titanium backup" to move data to sd card ext partition, choose apps you want to move their data, long press on them and select "move app data to sd". Both data and lib files will move.
    Check what apps are using the data with "DiskUsage" browsing /data
    Install the .zip in the recovery menu (install zip to sd option) once you unlocked your bootloader and flashed your recovery. Tutorial by me here.

    Do a factory reset after making backup of your apps (with titanium backup... etc.) if you have a different rom (stock...). Remember to make a cache reset before, using recovery.

    Apps will install automatically to your SD partition. Partition your sd card before (before flashing recommended) to Ext2,3,4 (not fat32) format using programs like Minitool partition wizzard, or using recovery option (no swap needed). Around 500mb-1Gb partition would be fine to start with (depends of how many apps installed). (dont make it greater than 2gb). If you use Minitool partition wizard remember to leave the first fat32 partition at the left and then a primary Ext2/3/4 partition.

    To check used/free memory on SD partition browse /system/sd with "DiskUsage". Internal memory in /data

    NOTE: If you want to be able to make a full nandroid backup, including your ext partition, you need the custom recovery made by "yannou90". I updated the recovery (on february 21st) on my rooting tutorial, just download it and flash it.


    4. FAQ
    Q After installing many apps one or a few have stopped working, force closing. Phone reboots when updating apps. Rebooting phone doesnt solve the probem.
    A Some people reported this problem, fix it by going to APP2SDGUI and pressing "rebuild" in the Dalvic tab.

    Q Apps still install on the instarnal memory, I have to move them manually using link2sd or simillar.
    A Apps will appear to your system that they are on the internal memory but they are NOT, they are just linked to it. To check the memory go to /system/sd with "DiskUsage" for the sd partition and internal memory in /data. select [root required] to be able to select them in the application.

    Q I want to modify battery mod, add scrolling glow or make other customization to them rom, how can I do it? Could you upload it?
    A As every person has different likes about customizations of icons and colours, If you want to customize your rom visit
    upload the required system files from the zip and after downloading the modified ones swap them and install the rom normally.

    Q I flashed this rom successfully but sometimes the phone freezes and restarts ...
    A A high speed sd card is really necesary for this rom, as all apps and dalvic are stored on your external media. After some peoples feedbacks I created a table with the different sd cards and its supported version. This is orientative, as some people with slow cards have been able to runn overclocked version with no issues but if you follow this table you will have no problems.

    I will kindly answer to your questions but NOT repeated ones, please search thread before you ask.

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    Default Re: [ROM] Htc Explorer (pico) "JaggyRom" (a2sd + overclock)

    great post +1 again

    upssss...... +1 after 50 minutes

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    Default Re: [ROM] Htc Explorer (pico) "JaggyRom" (a2sd + overclock)

    Hi! thanks a lot for your effort!
    could you clarify more deeply how can i get 150mb of free internal memory?

    on the first run i got 139mb, and when i install apps, they still take some place (much smaller though) on the internal memory.

    p.s. when one of programs needed a lot of space (a dictionary), about 700mb. looks like the Ext4 partition became full and eventually System stopped recognizing the partition as a system partition. All the programs installed there were lost. Yes, backing up is a good habit.


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