Google Play, the popular online repository/store for Android apps, games, music, movies, books, magazines etc. recently updated its core to provide "Recommended for you" section.</p>

As the name signifies it basically does the job of recommendation but not just in an usual way based on your own browsing/downloading, *but it combines that along with what your friends are using/ 1'ing and what is popular over the market. Each recommended item comes with information about source of recommendation, price and yes, a button to remove it from your list if it did not succeed to please you.</p>


So this can be called as a new way to discover applications, as some users commented on this feature as to provide them with apps/games they never ever heard of, while others called it as "privacy invasion"! See what, people are worrying about their privacy, in such a socialized world, where we ourselves breach our privacy through social networking sites. Whatever it is, for everything new, some come for and some against it. But overall majority of end users are benefited out of it.</p>

This particular feature is available at first start of app, regardless of location or version of app. Also there's end of summer sale available there at Google Play, " ****End of Summer Sale. Get SwiftKey for 75% off**** "-from Google Play. Grab your *favorite one *as soon as you can. *Enjoy!</p>Source