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Hey guys I have a 5800 too and only have 3 more months on my contract..the N8's symbian^3 UI looks outdated so I think I will move to Android. A few things I need to know before:

1/. Which SatNav software to use on Android? I hear Sygic is good..is this right? I use satnav alot on my 5800 (ovi maps)

2/. Can I get my yahoo, hotmail, gmail email in HTML format on android? On my 5800 I use nokia messaging which lets me access all accounts in HTML format in one app

3/. How easy is it to get modded firmware for android, lets say HTC Desire? I am not a modder but install other peoples mods on my 5800 so it would be nice to do this with an android phone too

4/. What is HTC customer service like in the UK? I was impressed with nokia when I had to replace my screen on my 5800 they collected it from my house and dropped it off within a week...and gave me 5 free song downloads

5/. What are the best FREE apps on android? and is it much better than the ovi store...as i have never tried android before so don't know

THANKS ALL! hope to move to android soon!
1. I use Sygic as main satnav software. There is also free Google Maps (available only for certain countries), Copilot, Navigon, nDrive.

2. The email integration is great. You can get a bunch of email accounts with auto push into your Android phone (Hotmail, Gmail, POP3, etc..). You can view email as HTML as far as I can tell.

3. It's not difficult, and there are many ROMs available. Even ROMs that are with future OS. For example, you can now install an Android 2.2 ROM on Desire, while officially the OS is 2.1.

4. I don't know about UK, but in Holland it is fine.

5. Look in out Apps section.