Hallo! I wonder,Where could I get Android app`s but not involve Google.I dont want a G-mail wich is required for access to Android market.(Beccause they peek in my mail).And is it possible to remove preeinstaled Google app`s from an Android devise like X10.I know that you cant on Googles own G1.And what exactely are for example Sony E permitting Google to download from your phone to their own servers.Like your phonebook on G1.(It`s sounds like conspirecy teories.But it`s not).They even download your visited url`s on the G1.And now the street view cars collecting your mac number via your wireless network so they could have an address to the Google quarryes.They want to pin point you for comercials, they say.(One wonder as we know they are sleeping in the same bed as NSA and CIA since 2004 and after the Bush era at least I dont trusth the big democratic country in the west.It must be a wonderful tool to control and press political oponents).Could anyone bring light on this , or dont you care.