Breaking and eating Nuts have never been more fun with this game, Noogra Nuts. Developed by *OREN BENGIGI, it's a relatively old game gaining most of its recognition in the recent times.</p>


Have you been playing all those mind utilizing puzzle games all the time and want a game that does not require your thinking, then this is the perfect game for you. It also has another version namely Noogra Nuts Seasons which I would be reviewing soon.</p>

Game Story</p>

This game has no significant story. You have a squirrel whose hungry to death and you have to feed it and earn maximum points in the process. That's *all.</p>

Game Play</p>

The game provides you three controlling options to control the lateral movement of your squirrel namely, Motion sensor based, Joystick Based and lastly left and right buttons. In a total of three game play modes, classic, medium and survival, you get a lot of different types of nuts with different points and breaking stages each. In the later two modes you intervene various obstacles while you continue being on your eating spree. There is even a store where you can buy different types of hats for your squirrel with each hat having different powers.</p>

Game Performance</p>
Performance wise the game is smooth and contains beautiful graphics. Personally I am a fan of the animation where the eye of the squirrel seems to pop out while bouncing a nut. The game sound is also quite amusing and lively, and a perfect candidate for a ring-tone. The game does not force close and runs freely without any error all many mid range and high range smart phones.


The game is a nice time pass specially when you are tired of doing some rigorous mental activity. Don't expect hours of game play from this game as you would pretty much get bored by playing a lot of it. In the end you must try this game once and decide for your self. You can download it from Google Play Store Link Here *</p>

Official trailer</p>