Must have extension for DashClock Widget

The most customisable and flexible battery extension for DashClock Widget.
We are working on developing this into a fully-fledged app with standalone widgets, notifications and daydream mode.
Thanks for making this the most popular DashClock extension on the Play Store!

Shows battery information such as:

- charging level
- health
- temperature (in degrees C or F)
- voltage (in mV or V)
- charging state (charging, discharging, charged)
- time on battery or charging
- connection type (USB, AC, wireless, on battery)
- battery technology
- keyboard dock level (if available)

Can be set to hide itself when not needed and customised to only show information relevant to you.

Advanced features*:

- Show only when battery level drops below a set percentage
- Show estimated time remaining until battery is depleted or until charging completes
- Select what happens when the widget is tapped - open any app or shortcut
- Show health and temperature only if critical
- Notify when charging is complete (sound, vibration)