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    Default Android Tossit Games to Kill Boredom

    [youtube]!v=9sB_8pxTVHA&playnext_from=TL&videos=wQTJr Nzqrx8[/youtube]

    Have you ever found yourself waiting for a plane, train, or automobile and wanted something to do to kill some time? Sure, you could catch up on Facebook or Twitter, read a few RSS feeds, maybe even crack open your Kindle app... but for those times when you just need to kill some time, simple, repetitive games can be the cure.

    In this video I review two "paper tossing" games for Android: Paper Toss and Tossit. These games are very similar, and both accomplish the goal of killing time with challenges that range from mind-numbing to strategically frustrating. They're fun, they're fast, and they're free in the Android Market. Watch the video and take a look!

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    Default Re: Android Tossit Games to Kill Boredom

    Classic help to kill the boredom...
    In Pro version I'd like to be able to chose the phone I'm throwing away...


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