This update brings a number of the great social and local file features they recently launched to your mobile phone so that you can take the full Spotify experience with you on the road. Changelog after the break...
The additions include:<ul>[*]Support for playing and wirelessly synchronizing local files to your phone[*]The Library feature has been added[*]The Inbox, Feed and Starred features have been added[*]You can now view the Top tracks list[*]We’ve added the ability to filter for tracks in playlists[*]And finally - scrobbling![/list]How to install:
If you have a mobile phone running the Android platform, here’s what to do next:
  1. Subscribe to Spotify Premium.
  2. Make sure you’re signed up to a fixed price data plan for accessing the internet from your phone¹.
  3. Start the Market application in your phone.
  4. Search for Spotify and install.

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