Here's a list of the ROMs you can install on ROOTED Nexus One:

- Desire Modaco ROM: Actually on Alpha R21 state this ROM can transform your N1 into a Desire SENSE device but lacks stable Bluetooth.

- KingDesire to NexusOne ROM: Based on the Modaco Desire Rom but a little faster, undervolted and with some goodies.

- Cyanogen ROM aka CM: The most popular custom ROM actually on 5.0.6 state, based on stock rom but with load of goodies, somehow it's a battery eater Rom.

- Enomther ROM: Version 1.8.1 is a very stable ROM which like CM rom gives lot of goodies like LED notification customisation(chnage color) for SMS,ringtones...Battery is good but this Rom is best run with Intersaken Kernel and NExtheme for full joyness.

- Modaco R13 ROM is made by the same people as Desire Modaco Rom with difference that it's not SENSE UI.

Incoming ROMs include: X10 ROM, Desire Modaco with full BT...