Finally a Worthy replacement to my Nokia BH-900 Bluetooth headset. The Bh-900 is by FAR the best bluetooth handsfree i owned!! hopefully the two microphones makes the sound even better! and dont u just love the fast charge? it charges the battery to 80% in 15min!

Nokia is also introduced yesterday the Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-904. The Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-904 is capable of separating a user's voice from ambient noise, ensuring good speech quality in noisy environments such as in the car, on public transportation or in busy public places such as restaurants. It has the ability to maintain two active connections between the headset and another device at the same time. So a user can simultaneously connect for example to a PC (for VOIP) and to a compatible mobile device. The Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-904 also offers up to five hours of talk time after only 15 minutes of charging. Additional information about the new Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-904 can be found at

* Advanced background noise cancellation with 2 microphones
* Multipoint connection capability to two different mobile devices
* Advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
* High-speed charging for easier power management
* Single button volume and call management control
* Ergonomic design with comfortable U-hook